Sunday, September 7, 2008

INNOVATOR "The New Generation R/C Helicopter"

> High performance SUPER COMBO R/C Helicopter

High performance SUPER COMBO R/C Helicopter Innovator, the high-performance super-powerful remote-control helicopter is designed for the best flight performance, as well as other essential functions, suitable for users of all levels, from beginners to experts. INNOVATOR includes not only the mechanics, but also the radio system, motor, speed control, battery, blades, servos and gyro. It gets you free from the trouble about choosing compatible devices. INNOVATOR comes with a standard pod-and-boom version as well as a scale MD530 fuselage version, and both are suitable for both novice and experienced pilot. It is a safe and stable R/C helicopter with the excellent flying performance.


For safety, INNOVATOR has a unique security system which uses beeps and LED as warning. The security procedure must be followed before taking off, otherwise the motor and gyro will not engage. This unique system puts the safety to a high standard. Important parameters are automatically monitored, such as the rotor rpm, max. current, and battery condition.


Different accessories including PC Software and simulator and optional accessories are available to make the INNOVATOR a complete tunable helicopter and permit practicing from home. INNOVATOR will have its own website to share technical data and guidance, news, flying videos, on-line shopping and chat room.

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